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About Me

Lin Weeks Wilder holds a Doctorate in Public Health from The University of Texas School of Public Health at Houston and has over thirty-five years experience in academic health centers. During those years, Wilder published extensively in fields like cardiac physiology, institutional ethics, and hospital management. After ten years of running an online marketing business, and publishing four self-help books, Wilder switched from writing non-fiction to fiction.

The Fragrance Shed By A Violet: Murder in the Medical Center, Do You Solemnly Swear? And A Price for Genius comprise the Dr. Lindsey McCall medical thrillers with many references to the Texas Medical Center where Wilder worked for over twenty-three years. The fourth in the series, Malthus Revisited: The Cup of Wrath will be completed in the fall of 2017. Finding the Narrow Path is an unplanned surprise return to non-fiction.


Lin is married to a former Marine and psychologist with 25 years of experience counseling ex- combat veterans. They reside in northern Nevada with their two dogs.


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